When should I replace my windows?

Here are a few questions you should be asking your self?

* Are your windows single pane?
* Are your Windows older the 10 years old?
* Are you noticing a higher Electric bill that keeps increasing? 
* Is your a/c unit always running nonstop during the summer? 
* Are you noticing alot of outside noise with your windows being closed? 
* Is it difficult to open and close your windows?

If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, then its time for you to take the next step in making your home a more ENERGY EFFICIENT HOME.

- Horizontal Sliders
- Single Hung 
- Picture Windows
- Arch Windows
- Circle Windows

- Awning Windows

​- Special Shape Windows

- Casement Windows

- Garden Windows
- Stacked Units/Side By Side Windows
- Grids (different patterns to select from)

- Different Color options are available

Licensed and Bonded and Insured | ROC 291392

What is a dual pane window?

A dual-pane window is a window with two pieces of glass separated by a spacer. In between both panes of glass is a layer of argon gas trapped between which acts as insulation to reduce heat loss through the window. There is a Special Low-E coating on the glass that blocks infrared light, which keeps the heat inside in the winter and outside in the summer. It also filters damaging ultraviolet light (UV) to help protect interior furnishings from fading.

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Vinyl windows are energy-efficient, maintenance-free and secure windows. They are built solid and very dependable windows that slide open like a dream yet seal tightly to keep out the cold and heat.

Vinyl Windows:

-Made of 100% virgin PVC (vinyl) material
-Adjustable dual celon rollers for quiet, trouble free operation
-Aluminum-reinforcement meeting rail for added strength and durability

-Low-point, high pressure weep system which helps water drain efficiently from the frame

-Continuous weatherstripping and dual cam-action sash lock which provides security while sealing out the window for your comfort
-Integral limit latches that are up to code requirements

-Energy efficient Warm Edge insulating glass which reduces energy cost and also reduces fabric fading.
-Easy cleaning vinyl track covers
-AUTOLOCK, which locks automatically when unit is closed

Aluminum Windows:
-3/4” Dura seal glass for a longer seal life on your windows
-Unobstructed viewing areas with hidden glass edges
-Integral limit latches
-Tubular sill construction for added strength and rigidity
-Hidden channel locks with our offset cam lock system
-Recessed pull rails for effortless operation
-Offset weep systems for improved dust control on all windows

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